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Animal Services

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

The Town of Minto works hard to keep the municipality safe for our residents, pets, and livestock. Whether you need to purchase a dog tag, report a wildlife concern or are raising livestock, the Town of Minto is here to help.

Animal Control

For any dogs that have been lost or found please call the Town of Minto office 519.338.2511 or Animal Control, Rick Rauwerda 519.509.9985

To report a dog bite or a dangerous dog please call Rick Hobbelink, By-law Enforcement, 519.638.3313 ext. 032 or email 

Licensing Requirements

Every resident of the Town of Minto that is an owner of a dog, a kennel or backyard hens is required to obtain a license issued by the Town of Minto. For more information on obtaining a license please see below or call 519.338.2511.

Dog Licensing By Law 2019 39 File Size: 1.37 MB Download
Exotic Animal By Law 2020 73 File Size: 462.39 KB Download

Livestock Claims

Where the producer discovers that livestock or poultry has been injured or killed and to the best of the producer's knowledge and belief such injury or death was caused by wildlife, the producer shall notify the municipality within 48 hours of discovering the injury or death.

Within 3 days of receiving notification, the valuer will make a full investigation and then submit a written report within 10 business days after receiving notification to the municipality, the producer and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Please contact the Clerk for more information.

Frequently viewed sites:

Predation and Wildlife Damage Site - OMAFRA

Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation - OMAFRA

Deadstock Disposal - Regulation and Resources

Nutrient Management Plans

For further information concerning Nutrient Management Plans, please visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website or contact the Town office 519.338.2511 for more information.


For more information about rabies in wildlife, how it is controlled and what to do if you think an animal has rabies, please go to the Ministry of Natural Resources website or call the hotline at 1-888-574-6656.

Please note that the Town of Minto does not have a licensed trapper on staff and does not trap nuisance wildlife on private property.