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Kids Ball Hockey League

Updated: May 7, 2024

Main Information

The Town of Minto will be offering a 6 week ball hockey program on Thursday nights starting April 4th with finals on Saturday, May 11th in partnership with the Optimist Club of the Town of Minto. 

  • U7 (2017, 2018)
  • U9 (2015, 2016)
  • U11(2013, 2014)
  • U13(2011, 2012)

Prior to the start of the program a schedule will be sent out detailing game times. Age groups U7 and U9 can expect to play at 6:30pm or 7:00pm.

Game times 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM, but some games may start as late as 8:00 PM.

Please email if you have difficulty filling a team or would like to register as an individual. We will try our best to find everyone a team but that will be based on enrolment.

Team format will be as follows:

4 on 4 (3 forwards, 1 goalie)

2 x 12 Minute Periods (Straight Time)

(Each team must have at least 5 members and no more than 7)

Additional Information

Email 1 Recap:

  • First week, Thursday April 4th will be at the Harriston Arena as the ice is staying in longer in Palmerston than anticipated
  • We have 3-5 games running simultaneously using the same clock so it’s important all teams arrive early ready to play at scheduled time
  • Please be respectful to our referees, the weekly games and wrap-up tournament are just for fun
  • There are 40 teams this year
  • Lots of teams with similar names, please be sure you read the schedule very carefully
  • The schedule for the next two weeks is on the Town of Minto website (on March 28th)
  • Basic Rules:
    • 3 on 3 with a goalie  
    • Sticks below the waist at all times (including shots)
    • No body contact whatsoever
    • Fully caged or fully shielded hockey helmet to be worn at all times, hockey gloves are recommended
    • We use a 2-minute interval horn and a shot after the horn doesn’t count
    • We do a faceoff at centre after each interval horn and goal
  • We have 4 sets of goalie equipment on site (pads, blocker, glove – one size fits most) that teams are welcome to use each night on a first come first served basis if needed.
  • We encourage the same player to be goalie for both periods (all games are 2 x 12 minutes straight time) so we can stay on schedule.
  • Stands and playing areas will be cold as the ice just came out
  • If you’re team has space for an extra player, please let me know as we have some individuals looking to join a U9, U11, and U13 team

Email 2 Recap:

The schedule for the first 5 weeks can be found on the Town of Minto website page dedicated to this program at:

Week 6 schedule for Thursday May 9th will be released at the same time as the tournament schedule for Saturday May 11th.

Please note that with 40 entries that:

All U7 teams play at 6:00 PM
All U9 teams play at 6:30 PM
All U11 teams play at 7:00PM or 7:30 PM
All U13 teams play at 8:00 PM or 8:30 PM

As noted earlier, there are some teams with very similar names. Please be sure to read the schedules carefully.

The first week of games, on Thursday April 4th, will be held at the Harriston Arena. The parking lot will be full with lots of children present, please drive carefully.

Promo Poster

Ball Hockey


U7 1
U7 2
U9 1 v2
U9 2
U11 v2
U13 v2

These are PDF copies of the schedule:

Week 6 and Tournament Schedule

Here are the game times for Thursday May 9th and Saturday May 11th:

Thursday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Afternoon