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Kennel Licensing

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

You can find the Kennel Application here if you wish to register a kennel. If you are applying for a kennel license for the first time or need more information, please call the Town office at 519.338.2511

New Applications: All individuals wishing to operate a kennel in the Town of Minto must comply with the Town of Minto’s Zoning By-law 01-86, as amended and comply with this Bylaw. This application form must be completed, a detailed site plan must be submitted showing the location of the kennel (including fencing, pens, etc.) and showing the distances from all property lines, habitable buildings and buildings for the keeping of livestock and the applicable fee must be paid. 

Renewal Applications: All existing licensed kennel owners must apply each year to renew their license. Once the application has been completed, please contact the town's By-law Enforcement Officer to have him/her conduct an inspection of the kennel. No kennel license shall be renewed unless all terms and provisions of the Town of Minto By-law to license and regulate dogs and dog kennels have been complied with and the kennel license fee has been paid. 

Current fees

Amount of DogsBefore April 1 After March 31 
4 to 15 Dogs$150.00$200.00
16 to 25 Dogs$250.00$300.00
26 to 50 Dogs$500.00 $600.00 
Over 51 Dogs$1000.00$1150.00
Property Information
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