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Property Standards

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

The Town of Minto has an active Property Standards By-law. This by-law ensures and enforces the general repair and maintenance, for both the interior and exterior of buildings, structures and properties. The Property Standards By-law was developed to extend the useful life of all properties, to enhance the general quality and appearance of neighbourhoods and to protect the safety, health and well being of the public.

The Property Standards By-law is enforced through the Building Code Act. As such, it provides the municipality the option to rectify any violations of the by-law and to charge the cost of the repair to the property owner(s), if the property owner does not rectify the violations on their own. It is the legal responsibility of the property owner(s) to maintain their property in accordance with the Property Standards By-law.

Property Standards By Law File Size: 1.41 MB Download

File a Complaint

Property Standards complaints must be provided to the Building Department in written form only. The complaint form can be found online or from the Town of Minto's Administrative Office during regular business hours.

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