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Final Water Meter Read Request Form

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Please contact the Town of Minto before you move to request a final meter reading on the closing date. This ensures that the account is transferred to the new owners and they are billed for the water they use. Your final bill will be mailed to your forwarding address and includes consumption from your last regular reading date to the final reading date.

To complete this form, please ensure you have:

  • Your Property Address or Account Number
  • The Legal Closing Date for the Sale of Your Home
  • The Name and Telephone Number of Your Lawyer
  • The Purchasers Name
  • A Forwarding Address to which we will send your final bill

Please contact the Revenue Coordinator at 519-338-2511 ext 233 or complete this online form to request a final meter read.

Property Owner
Service Address
Forwarding Mailing Address
Name of New Owner