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Water & Sewer Billing - Owner Approval Form

Updated: Jun 20, 2023
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And agree to the following: As per By-law No. 2017-06 Water Supply and Water and Sewer Billing in the Town of Minto 2.7 Collection - Renters Where the owner has agreed the water and sewer bill be charged directlyto the renter, if the account has not been paid in two (2)consecutive billings, the Municipality shall bill the owner the outstanding charges. Further non-payment will result in the Municipality taking action under Section 2.7. 6.8 Every building metered - Director or designates discretion The Municipality will supply every separate building on a lot requiring municipal water with a separate water meter. The Director may permit multiple unit buildings to have separate meters for each unit under the following conditions: (a) The owner pays the full cost of any additional meters to be supplied to a multiple unit building on a lot beyond the one supplied by the Town; and (b)All water meters can be reasonably located within a common service room or area easily accessible for maintenance purposes. Additional water meters supplied by the Municipality may only be installed with written approval of the Director or designate. ln the event the units are not separately metered, per unit charges may apply per each unit as set out in Municipality's Fee By-law.

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