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Building Permits

Updated: May 8, 2024

The Building Department is now accepting applications for all building permits through CloudPermit.

Town of Minto residents can leverage CloudPermit's user-friendly interface to submit building permit applications online. With the platform's streamlined process, residents can easily upload required documents, track the progress of applications, and communicate with building department officials, making the permit application experience more convenient and efficient.

Submit Building Permits Applications through CloudPermit.

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Please Note

The Building Department will continue to accept paper applications where necessary.

Town of Minto Building Permit Process

Building Permit Process
Flowchart describing the permit process
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Building Permits Documents

Environmental Approvals

Learn when and how to submit an alteration application for watermain, stormwater or wastewater collection infrastructure. Sometimes all three applications are required to meet reconstruction, site alteration or development requirements.

Design Criteria MECP 2023 05 31 File Size: 1.65 MB Download

Applications must meet requirements outlined by the MECP provided ECA and MECP design criteria. 
View the Stormwater Management System ECA 106-S701 (PDF). .

If the requirements are not met, an application must be made to the MECP.

Stormwater management system alterations requiring an application are:

  • new stormwater main installation
  • stormwater main replacement
  • new or replaced ditches
  • new or replaced culverts
  • new or replaced oil grit separators
  • new or replaced low impact developments
  • new or replaced wet ponds
  • new or replaced dry ponds
  • new or replaced super pipe/storage facilities
  • new or replaced third pipe collection systems

Alteration Application

Applications must meet requirements outlined by the MECP provided ECA and MECP design criteria. View the Wastewater Collection System ECA 106-W601 (PDF). 

If the requirements are not met, an application must be made to the MECP.

Wastewater collection system alterations requiring an application are:

  • new sanitary main installation – gravity or forcemain
  • sanitary main replacement – gravity or forcemain
  • installation of siphons
  • new or existing pumping stations (new stations to a max peak flow of 30 L/s)
  • real-time control systems
  • emergency power generators
  • odour control units
  • corrosion control units
  • where discharging a contaminant of concern to the atmosphere

Alteration Application

Get In Touch

David Wilson, CBCO Deputy Chief Building Official

519-338-2511 ext 224

Wesley Graham Building Inspector

519-338-2511 ext 249

Terry Kuipers, C.B.C.O. Director of Building & Planning Services

519-338-2511 ext 228

Ryan Binkle, CET Development Technician & Drainage Superintendent

519-338-2511 ext 239