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E-Billing Enrolment Form

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Go paperless – sign up to receive a digital version of your tax bill directly to your email address. Once you sign up, you will no longer receive a paper copy in the mail. All future bills will be sent directly to your email.

Service Address
Please select the following accounts that you would like emailed to you: 
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  1. Utility and Tax bills will be emailed to the Applicants email address at the time the utility and tax bills are processed.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to monitor whether or not they have received their utility and/or tax bill by email. A HARD COPY OF UTILITY AND TAX BILLS WILL NOT BE MAILED.
  3. Emailed utility and tax bills do not have the micro encoding for payment at your Financial Institution. E-bills may be paid by pre-authorized payment plan, telephone or internet banking, or in person at the Municipal Office located at 5941 Highway 89, Harriston, ON.
  4. Applicants are responsible for advising the Town, in writing, of any changes required, including Applicant information, account information, sale of the property, cancellation of the e-billing


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