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Third Party Advertisers

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

The Municipal Elections Act now includes requirements for Third Party Advertisers.

What is Third Party Advertising?

Third party advertising refers to advertisements or other materials that support, promote or oppose a candidate, or support, promote or oppose a “yes or “no” answer to a question on the ballot.

Third party advertising is separate from any candidate's campaign, and must be done independently from a candidate. Any advertisements or materials that are made and distributed by a candidate, or under a candidate's direction, are part of the candidate's campaign.

Third party advertising is a way for those outside of the candidate's campaign to express support or opposition to candidates and to try to persuade voters to vote a certain way.

A third party advertisement is an advertisement in any broadcast, print, electronic or other medium that promotes, supports or opposes a candidate, or a “yes' or “no” answer to a question on the ballot. Advertisements include traditional ads as well as materials such as brochures or signs.

What is NOT Third Party Advertising?

Activities that do not involve spending money, such as discussions or expressing an opinion about a candidate are NOT considered to be Third Party Advertising. Examples of activities that are not Third Party Advertising include:

  • Speaking with friends and neighbours about who you support.
  • Posting on Social Media about who you support.
  • Sending an email to a group or mailing list regarding who you support.

Who can be a Third Party Advertiser?

Only those who have registered can spend money on Third Party Advertising. The following are eligible to register as a Third Party Advertiser:

  • Any person who is a resident of Ontario
  • A Corporation carrying on business in Ontario
  • A Trade Union that holds bargaining rights for employees on Ontario.

Who CANNOT be a Third Party Advertiser

A candidate running for any municipal council or school board office cannot registered to be a Third Party Advertiser in any municipality.

Groups, associations or businesses that are not corporations are not eligible to registered and may not spend money on third party advertising in municipal elections. For example, neighbourhood associations, clubs or professional associations cannot register and cannot make contributions to third party advertisers. Members may register as individual third party advertisers and may contribute individually.

Registering as a Third Party Advertiser

An individual, corporation or trade union must registered with the Municipal Clerk to be a third party advertiser in a municipality by completing a Notice of Registration – Third Party – Form 7. Being registered in a municipality allows the third party to advertise to the voters in that municipality. A third party advertiser can support or oppose any candidate or candidates who will be voted on by the people in that municipality. This includes candidates running for local council, school trustee and candidates running for offices on an upper tier council.

More information on Third Party Advertisers can be found in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Guide for Third Party Advertisers, linked below.

The last day to register as a Third Party Advertiser is October 21, 2022!

Registered Third Party Advertisers

This page will be updated as registration are received, and certified by the Clerk.


Municipal Election Act, 1996