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Minto, ON, Partners With YOLO Nomads to Showcase the Success and Quality of Life

Updated: Jul 5, 2024

Minto, ON—Nestled in the heart of Wellington County, the Town of Minto is more than just a town; it's a vibrant community where success and quality of life go hand in hand. 

With a population that values neighbourliness, inclusiveness, and collaboration, Minto offers a welcoming environment for businesses and families.


A Refuge from Urban Challenges

The initiative with YOLO Nomads contrasts the increasing urban challenges of high living costs, crime, and overcrowding by presenting an alternative that promises a lower living cost and a tight-knit community experience.

Minto offers a welcoming environment for businesses, ample opportunities for career development, and a lifestyle that reconnects individuals with nature.


A Vision for Change, And It’s Just the Beginning

"Our partnership with YOLO Nomads isn't just a strategic step. It symbolizes our deep-rooted belief in the endless possibilities of smaller communities," explains Belinda Wick-Graham, Director of Economic and Community Development at the Town of Minto.

"We're dedicated to nurturing an environment where achieving a work-life balance is possible. Our commitment to economic growth while safeguarding our natural and communal legacy makes us a top destination for those seeking a fresh start."

Luke Panek, Co-founder of YOLO Nomads, agrees, stating, "Minto exemplifies the perfect harmony between opportunity and fun. It's where professional aspirations and lifestyle dreams intertwine, bolstered by a community that values progress and tradition—and don’t forget about the affordability."


A Community Built on Collaboration and Prosperity

Minto's success is built on a foundation of respect, volunteerism, and prosperous businesses. The Town Council, businesses, and residents work together to support innovation and deliver quality programs, services, and events. This collaborative spirit ensures that both businesses and people thrive in Minto.


A Welcoming Home for Families

In Minto, families find a welcoming and happy community where neighbourliness and inclusivity are the norms. With schools, sports facilities, healthcare facilities, parks, shops, art galleries, and theatres, Minto offers everything a small town needs to thrive.


Education and Enrichment for Children

Minto is home to three public schools and one private school, offering education from junior kindergarten through grade 12. The town also provides free programs for children, including gardening and sports programs, ensuring children have access to a well-rounded education and emotional support.


A Hub for Healthcare and Wellness

Minto offers access to various healthcare practitioners, including family practitioners, dentists, chiropractors, and more. The Palmerston and District Hospital provides 24-hour emergency services, inpatient and outpatient care, and specialist clinics, ensuring residents can access comprehensive healthcare services.


Investment and Entrepreneurship in Minto

Minto is open for business, offering a strong community ethos of partnerships, collaboration, and neighbourliness. The town fosters entrepreneurship and supports small businesses with initiatives like the 'Think Minto First' campaign and the LaunchIt business incubator program.


A Bright Future in Minto

With its idyllic setting, strong community bonds, and robust economic prospects, Minto is more than just a town—it's a lifestyle choice. Whether you want to start a business, raise a family, or invest in a community that values progress and tradition, Minto offers the perfect blend of opportunity, affordability, and natural beauty.


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About Yolo Nomads:

Yolo Nomads aims to redirect the digital nomad traffic from saturated tourist spots

to lesser-known gems. The initiative aids smaller cities in thriving amidst the

remote work boom, the great urban exodus, and other societal trends, ensuring they remain vibrant and sustainable.



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Director of Economic and Community Development at Minto

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